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2235 Dave Ward Drive   Conway Arkansas


Adult Classes

Knock Out Strength / Conditioning - Reaction/Cognitive - Kickboxing Training in only 30 Minutes in a Fun and Exciting Atmosphere

Fit3D Body Scanner

Included Heart Rate Monitor and
Fit 3D Body Scan To Track

Your Results / Progress by giving you metrics and visual data

Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness Designed by Youth Performnce expert of 23 years,

Warren T Martin. Make sure to download the schedule app by going to the schedule tab at top right hand corner.

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Fight For Your Goals!

Fight For Your Goals!

// Warren Martin Bio //

Owner of Sync Fitness & Movement

Owner Athlete Development University


Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and

12 times published author

Awarded top 8 leaders in the fitness industry 2016 by FPO


Featured on ABC NBC CBS FOX


Featured in Men's Fitness (US) &

Women's Fitness (Ireland and UK)


Host on iTunes PodCast- Fitness Professional Elite Show


MMACC- Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach

PES- Performance Enhancement Specialist

CES- Corrective Exercise Specialist

WLS- Weight Loss Specialist

FNS- Fitness Nutrition Specialist

GFS- Golf Fitness Specialist

Certified Mental Toughness Coach

Member of National Strength & Conditioning Association

US Marine Corp